Insider Exclusive – 5 LINX Compensation Plan Exposed, What You Must Know

Insider Exclusive – 5LINX Compensation Plan Exposed


The 5LINX compensation chart exposed from inside … How it works

In the beginning:
The new 5Linx representative begins in one of two levels: a customer representative, with a registration fee of $ 99 or Independent Marketing Representative (IMR), with a registration fee of $ 249.Now keep in mind that Network Marketing believes in the company adn reps so much that they dropped the IMR Fee it used to be 499! What is the difference between the two levels? If the representative wants to upgrade to the IMR the highest level, can do so by paying the added variance in expenses in its first 30 days, or 20 active clients and providing the sponsorship of a qualified IMR. The IMR has to obtain and maintain at least four active customers.

5Linx Customers:

There are two types of 5linx customers: Select Customers, that the representative receive a commission for one time, and residual clients, so that the representative receives monthly payments, as long as the client stays with the company. Sometimes a customer in Network Marketing terminology is not an actual person purchasing one product but each product may give you customer points eg. purchasing one product=3 or 4 customer points or customers.

Income levels for 5Linx:

For a representative at the height of the top, you must go through income levels Network Marketing five. Each level requires achieving and maintaining revenue targets. The 5 Level are:

Executive Trainer -ET
Executive Director- ED
National Director- ND
Senior Vice President-SVP
Platinum Senior Vice President-PSVP

After the input levels, Executive Trainer is the first highest, followed by the Executive Director, National Director, Senior Vice President and finally, Senior Vice President of Platinum. Each level requires an increasing number of customers, the increase of lines in the organization’s representative, the residual increase in customers, and the completion of each stage of formation of Network Marketing University.

5linx Commissions:

Commissions can be obtained in a variety of ways: Commission staff (personally acquire the customer), the Commission Open line (based on customer acquisition by the replicates at a lower level than in your organization) and Generation of the Commission (the same, but based on those representatives who are on the same level in your organization.)

A variety of bonus payments exist with 5linx:

Residual Income: payment every month as long as the customer keeps the service (from 5% to 75% of the commission).
Monthly customer bonus pool: Five dollars is added to the bonus pool for each client Select added that month.
Customer Acquisition Bonus: This is obtained when the new representative IMR sponsored gets qualified for the acquisition of at least four customers in their first 30 days.
Open Line Bonuses: Paid when the representative of the organization is producing multiple IMR each month (fee can range from $ 100 to $ 2,000.)
Income Monthly Bonus Pools: Ten dollars is added to the bonus pool for every qualified IMR in that month.
Platinum Bonus Pool: Twenty dollars is added for each qualifying IMR, plus an amount of residual revenue.
There is also a 5linx Quickstart Bonus is $750. This is obtained when you obtain 20 Customers points and 2 Qualified IMR’s in your first 30 days.

For a new, and even experienced 5linx representative, the achievement of these goals can be a little intimidating at times. Some people take their time through the comp plan and some people prefer to go fast. The most important thing is to know your target destination and get there.

From my experience 5linx has new promotions all the time and are soon entering the energy market sometime in 2011.

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